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GLOBUS was founded in 1995. For the period of it's activity the company has developed efficient system of cooperation with international forwarding agencies, river and sea shipping companies, ports, railway, road carriers and terminals. A number of own offices in different cities of Russia, Ukraine and other countries has been established. Also we have partners all over the world.

Being well spread in the most cargo transshipment centers, we are capable to ensure maximum control over client's cargoes by the means of our direct presence, providing our clients full information on process of cargoes movement from "door" to "door".

GLOBUS practices an individual approach to each client. Proceeding from practical experience, knowledge of the market and geography of transport routes, the company offers optimal schemes of transportations which are taking into account interests of our clients as much as possible, combining reliability and high quality of delivery with the minimal expenses.

Daily the company makes transportations of thousands tons of various cargoes for our clients from all over the world, providing both single, and regular shipments, by one or several types of transport.

The staff of GLOBUS consists of professionals with a long-term logistic experience, knowledge of modern transportation and commercial technologies of all types of transport, national and international transport legislation.

GLOBUS - a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and the Association of Freight Forwarders of Russian Federation ().

"GLOBUS provides the full complex of services, adequate to the highest world standards of service and covering all means of transport:

In the USA GLOBUS is fully represented by a Califonia Corporation - Globus Su. Transpotation, logistics and distribution are the main activities. Globus Su has the attorney who officially represents the corporation: Ilson Woo New, 601 Van Ness Avenue # E326, San Francisco, CA 94102-6313, (T) 415-567-7595, (F) 415-775-3082, (email)

  • Air transportations;
  • Road/Auto transportations;
  • Rail transportations;
  • Sea and river transportations;
  • Multimodal transportations;
  • Container transportations;
  • Transportations of heavy lift and project cargoes.

Following your requirements we are ready to insure cargoes and offer you special security measures for transportation over the territory of the former Soviet Union countries.

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